Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Take It Outside

Since apartment living is our only option at the moment, I often find myself staring at these pictures, imagining what kind of outdoor space I would create if we had a little bit of land.  Whenever I see ads for outdoor seating and patio furniture I can't help but think how uncomfortable it always looks.  When I'm relaxing or enjoying a meal outside I don't want to sit on a metal chair, even if it does have a cushion on it.  I want to be cozy so I don't have to be bothered by how uncomfortable I am.  So here are some inspiration pictures I've found.  Maybe soon I will be posting pics of my own back yard!
 It looks like there is a bit of a travel theme going here too, probably my inner gypsy rearing her head :)

This takes my breath away, and I think I'll settle for just looking at the pic because unless I absolutely had too, this would never happen.

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